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Island Homecoming - New cottage unites 3 generations of Mothers and Daughters

Apr 29, 2011 - David R Lopes

Over the next little while, I am going to update some of our website projects, and I thought that I should also give a little background behind each.

Our first featured cottage belongs to a family that had always wanted a little piece of the island to carry on family tradition. The family's original roots are in Woodville PEI and in 1971 just down the road from the original homestead,  mother and sister bought an oceanfront cottage to be shared by all the family's siblings.

The waterfront cottage was well used in the summers, but overtime it slowly fell into disrepair. In 1994, a second daughter Mary and her husband decided to purchase the property outright from the family, and rebuild it for future family generations.

They asked me to design a simple, bright, carefree cottage that had a small environmental footprint with lots of storage space. I remember some of our initial meetings with the Mary and her insistence on having a minimal cottage.  "She didn't want any heating other than the fireplace and certainly wasn't going to have a dishwasher!" .

The new cottage is compact with windows encircling the main living/dining and kitchen spaces capturing views of the beach front just steps away through a wooded path.

Instead of adding a screen porch and worrying about it blocking the ocean views or making the cottage too big, our solution was to make the common spaces feel like a screen porch, with transoms and double hung windows letting breezes flow uninterrupted in the summers.

Special design features include frosted glass doors to all bedrooms allowing light to pass through all spaces freely, high ceilings, kitchen counters that seamlessly become the window sills, a loft study space with views to the ocean, and modern wood burning fireplace. 

Mary spends her time walking on the beach, reading, doing yoga at sunrise, and visiting with her daughter.  There are more photos of the cottage posted in the Cottage and Homes section of our website, I hope you enjoy browising.  Talk soon.

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